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  • How It Started VS How It's Going: Branding Edition

    A glance at our new logo and our new packaging may be exciting for anyone seeing us on a shelf or online or at a farmers market. But what they are really seeing and experiencing when they pick up one of our boxes and turn it over in their hands to look at it is 9 years of lessons learned, and insight gained.
  • Tea Talk: Where in the world is Wight Tea Company?

    Oh, the places we’ve been sipped! Wight Tea Company blends are savored across the United States, pleasing tea aficionados, powering college students, and sitting alongside fine local goods in boutique shops. 
  • Creamy Cookie Butter Tea Latte | A Cozy and Comforting Treat

    Indulge in the perfect cup of comfort with our Creamy Cookie Butter Tea Latte recipe. Learn how to brew this delightful blend to perfection and enjoy a cozy, comforting experience.