You can find our teas for sale at the following brick and mortar shops and web shops

Please note that stockists and their stock of our teas are subject to change and may not be up to date on this site.

In Baltimore

  • Wight Tea Company at Whitehall Market (link)

  • Su Casa (link)

  • BWillow (link)

  • Greedy Reads (link)

  • Shop Taken (link)

  • Mount Royal Soap Co (link)

  • Sacre Sucre (link)

  • Made in Baltimore (link)

  • Found Studio (link)

In Maryland

  • Making Maryland Home (link)

  • Coffee Coffee (link)

  • Pump & Rye (link)

  • Firefly Farms Creamery and Market (link)

  • Farm Chicks (link)

  • Mountain Postal Deep Creek Lake (link)

  • Old Westminster Winery (link)

Everywhere Else

  • Wld Wst, Leesburg, VA (link)

  • Gift and Gather, Occoquan, VA (link)

  • Felicity Loft, Alaska (link)

  • The Terrorium Shop, Denver, CO (link)

  • French Buckets, Newport Beach, CA (link)