How do you source your teas and other ingredients?

We seek the best quality ingredients that come from consistent and reliable sources. Sometimes that means we can’t source organic, but we always source quality.

When do your teas expire?

Technically teas do not “expire,” at least not in the conventional sense of the word. But teas will get weaker over time. A lot of it depends on how teas are stored – cool, dark, and airtight storage is best. NEVER in the refrigerator because of the risk of mold, it doesn’t actually preserve the tea and it can actually pick up flavors from surrounding food.

How much caffeine is in your teas?

All tea typically has half to less than half the caffeine content of coffee, with the exception of matcha. All tea has a special amino acid called L-Theanine which impacts the way your body absorbs caffeine; tea and coffee are not absorbed the same way. Most white and green teas have less caffeine than a cup of decaf coffee.

Why doesn’t my tea taste as good when I make it as when I get it at a café?

Cafés typically have a special water filtration system. If you’re making your tea according to package directions and it still doesn’t taste good, it’s probably your water. If you want it exactly like café, probably use some kind of reverse osmosis water or look into something like Third Wave Water. Otherwise, check time, quantity, and water temperature to adjust. 

What makes your tea different?

We care about ingredient quality, intentionally make blends that we don’t see anywhere else, find inspiration in culinary flavor pairings. We are focused on flavor, experience, and quality. For us, tea is not as an answer to health problems, it's about flavor. As a small company, we make our blends on a small scale, and as such, there are very focused quality control; we really stand behind what we put out.

Does your matcha taste bitter?

Our matcha shouldn’t taste bitter. If you’re experiencing bitter matcha, your water temperature might be too high, or you’ve let the matcha sit for too long, because matcha is continually brewing while in your cup. If those aren’t the answer, check age of your matcha (no more than 3 months old), check where it’s from (if it’s not our matcha, it may be a sourcing issue). 

Are Wight Tea Company blends organic?

We try to source organic as often as possible, but we cannot guarantee we will always have an organic source. We focus on supporting farms and gardens that produce quality products and not all gardens follow Western organic practices but do follow traditional Eastern practices that are naturally organic without the label and licensing.

Do your tea blends contain allergens?

Some of them, yes. They will always be listed on the ingredients. Also, our teas are manufactured in a facility that produces other products with allergens, but we take all possible measures to reduce risk. Our teas do not contain gluten – e.g., we use rice flour as a preservative – and we have many gluten free customers that have not experienced any issues with our teas. 

Are your teas free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms)?

We do our best to source quality products. Sometimes that does mean GMOs are involved. 

How many single origin teas do you sell?

We have some single origin teas because we love drinking them. However, our focus is on blends. 

What is your most popular tea blend?

    • Winter: Fireside Fig
    • Summer: Blueberry Basil
    • Overall: Lavender Earl Grey 

Do you plan on having another tea shop?

No. We serve our customers better when we’re not tied to a space, believe it or not.

Can I order a custom blend?

If you are a larger entity and you’re looking for a custom blend for your café or retail space, we’re open to a conversation about the process and our pricing. Get in touch with us to learn more.

We can’t create custom blends on a small scale, but we’re happy to source ingredients for you at a cost. 

What would you recommend for a first-time tea drinker?

It’s really up to you. If you’ve had an iced tea at a restaurant, for example, and you’re looking for something familiar, Baltimore Breakfast.

Fireside Fig is an easy starter tea: You can’t oversteep it, and your water can never be too hot. It’s naturally sweet on its own, but it stands up to cream and sugar if that’s how you wanted to do it as well.

Does tea have calories?

The calories in tea are so minimal that the FDA does not consider it to be of any caloric value. However, if you add milk, cream, and sugar to create a drink, these will have their own calorie counts. 

Can I drink tea if I’m nursing, pregnant, or have another medical condition?

This is an individual conversation to be had with your medical care provider, because it’s a person to person basis. 

Can I microwave or reheat tea?

We highly recommend that you do not do either. When you heat water in the microwave, you’re heating it from the center out. That means that the water isn’t circulating and drawing air in, so the flavor of your tea will be flat. It’s also potentially hazardous because it creates pockets of heat, and when adding something to the water, it can scald you. Microwave water is typically hotter, but it’s not really boiling.

Where should I store my tea?

Store it in a light safe, resealable pouch, or in an airtight and light safe canister – away from window sills and moisture. 

What is the difference between a tea and a tisane?

Tisane = Herbal tea

What is your return policy for teas?

We do not accept returns of opened or damaged packaging. If you receive a tea that you don’t want and you haven’t opened it, we’re happy to exchange for equal or lesser value (and place the rest on a gift card for lesser value). You would need to cover the balance for any tea or shipping of higher value.

What is your return policy for accessories and other products?

We do not accept returns of opened or damaged products. If a product is damaged in shipping, please contact us for next steps of how we can help.

Where do you ship your teas?

U.S. and Canada only

What do I do if I need to change or cancel my order?

Email or send a direct message over Shopify chat. Please do not message our social media as our DMs are not monitored with the same frequency and consistency.

How are sales taxes calculated?

By the state in which you live. Currently, we only charge Maryland state tax for in-state purchases, but we will start to charge other state taxes as our sales increase due to sales minimums and tax regulations.

What is your tea packaging made of?

Outer box is cardboard and is recyclable.

Inner pouch is a industrial compostable corn based material. 

I want to sell your tea at my store. What’s the first step?

Please email brittany@wighttea.com 

I want to serve your tea at my food establishment. What’s the first step?

Please email brittany@wighttea.com 

I want to feature your tea at my event. How do I do this?

Please email brittany@wighttea.com