Wholesale FAQ

Direct or Distributor? We currently do not work with a distributor. All our orders are taken and fulfilled directly through our team. You are also able to purchase with us through Faire marketplace. If you plan to order this way, please use this link: https://faire.com/direct/wightteacompany

Order turnaround time: We fulfill orders within 3-7 Days

What days are orders accepted? Wight Tea Company prefers orders to be placed on Mondays and Tuesdays but we are flexible. You may email your orders to brittany@wighttea.com or call 443.473.8994 between 9 AM and 3 PM, Monday-Friday.

What days are orders delivered? Orders are shipped or delivered (location-dependent) on Wednesdays and Fridays.

What are your payment terms: After the first order, Wight Tea Company offers Net15 payment terms after. If you use Faire for Net60, here is our link. For your first order, we need payment before shipment.

How to order: Brittany Wight is account manager. She can reached by email at brittany@wighttea.com or by phone at 443.473.8994 (Monday-Friday only, please)

Does pricing include shipping? Orders over $200 includes free shipping and free local delivery.

What is your case size? 6 boxes of prepackaged loose leaf tea


What is your order minimum? Our order minimums are 2 cases/SKU (12 boxes/sku; $81 total)

How long are your teas good for? We recommend selling within 1 year of being on the shelf for freshness but is considered non-perishable. Our teas are blending in small batches and are always fresh when delivered.

Cross Merchandising Opportunities: Customers love to purchase our teas for themselves or as a gift along with honey, maple syrup, or baked goods like cookies and madeleines. Often for Mother’s Day we see our teas included in gift baskets and alongside flowers with a mug or bath/relaxation products.

How are your ingredients sourced? We care a great deal about the quality of the ingredients in our tea blends. Because we seek the best, we source globally. To reduce out-of-stock issues, we source organically as much as possible but can not guarantee 100% organic ingredients 100% of the time. 

What is your company’s social presence and how will you get people to buy your product from our stores? Wight Tea Company has over 2,500 email subscribers, over 8000 Instagram followers, and 1300 Facebook followers. Our community is very engaged and loves to shop and support local businesses. We would promote regularly on our channels that our teas are now available at your shop.

Product support: Wight Tea Co is always working on improving and learning about how to best serve our customers. We would love to discuss what works best for you but we do offer demos, staff education, and a sample allowance.

What are the key benefits of your product? How is your product unique? We created Wight Tea Company because we wanted a more interesting, inspiring, and quality tea selection available to us. While many tea companies focus on holistic cures and medicinal blends with unfounded claims, we focus on flavor and overall experience. Each box comes with a guide to making both hot and iced loose leaf tea and a link for more recipes.