This Isn't Goodbye

Wight Tea Company's last day at Whitehall Market will be May 28th.

We are NOT going out of business. On the contrary, we are excited to shift our focus to other aspects of our business that are growing.

We know you may have questions. Please see below for answers:

Is Wight Tea Co opening another location?

At this time we are not planning to open another physical location. We are moving our tea blend operations to the Bmore Kitchen Accelerator on York Rd. Our warehouse will remain in Hampden at Mill No1. 

What's next for Wight Tea Co?

We love exploring the possibilities of tea through our tea blends and through beverage creation. We have been working on our business as a whole behind the scenes from our shop and we are will be focusing our attention on growing our wholesale and our e-commerce. We are about to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help us transition from our current packaging to more eco-friendly and beautiful packaging.

What will happen to Whitehall Market?

We aren't sure. Here is what we do know: All the market tenants will have their last day of service at Whitehall Market on May 28th. True Chesapeake Oyster House will remain open. We do see a commercial leasing agent that we know is working with Whitehall Mill in the market on a fairly regular basis so it seems as though there is a current search for tenants. 

Will I be able to refill my tea tins?

We are working on this. Being conscious of how our packaging impacts the environment is important to us. We may not be able to fill tins for you, at least for now but we are working to source biodegradable or home-compostable tea pouch options. We do offer a subscription service for teas, you can select delivery every 30, 60, or 90 days.

Will I still be able to get loose leaf from Wight Tea Co?

Of course! You can order on our website, through facebook, instagram, and at any of the local retailers that carry our teas. 

Oh no! You guys make my favorite drink! How can I recreate it?

We know we have some very beloved drink menu items that have become an everyday staple for many. We are testing tea concentrates currently for both hot and iced options. Additionally, we are working on educational video content that will also teach you how to make your favorites.

I have a gift card to your shop, will I be able to use it online?

Please contact and include an image of the back of your shop gift card, your name, and your contact phone number. We will transfer your balance to a web store gift certificate.

Are you going to have a sale?

Most likely. But not till the end.

What will happen to my customer loyalty points?

We aren't sure what to do about this yet. Check your phone for a text or email with how many points you have. Take a screenshot and send to and we'll work something out for a certain level of points.

Where else will I be able to find Wight Tea Co?

Here is a link to where we are served and sold. 



Can you serve tea at my event?

Most likely! Please email with as much information as possible including date, location, head count, and desired service.

I want to serve/sell your tea at my store/ I know a great place that should serve your tea:

Let us know more! We love opportunity. Email