Nice To Meet You

We are Wight Tea Co! 

Our passion for tea started by enjoying tea with our family but it also gave us common ground that helped us go from sister and brother to best friends. We create and blend our flavor-forward blends in our hometown, Baltimore, MD.

All it takes is a single sip of something vibrant to awaken your senses and remind you of the endless possibilities that exist in the world.

So, perhaps it’s time to book that cabin in the woods, indulge in a cup of tea while you lose yourself in the pages of this month’s latest read, or even spontaneously invite your neighbor over at sunset to unwind a bit.

Let’s embark on a journey of discovery and savor the diversity of Wight Tea’s flavors. With countless options to choose from the possibilities for enjoyment are truly limitless.

We offer wholesale for service and retail, and corporate gifting options. Let’s work together. Email