Map Of Our Location

Wight Tea Company is located inside of Whitehall Market, a portion of the converted Whitehall Mill building at 3300 Clipper Mill Road.

We have plenty of free parking.

There are many entrances to the mill building, but you will want to park on the Market side of the building and enter through the market.

There are two parking lots. One lot, which runs in front of the building and faces Clipper Mill Road, is designated for employees, residents of the mill, as well as patrons of Lock and Hue Salon. This parking lot dead ends at Lock and Hue.

The other parking lot runs along the back of the building and if you enter the lot on the wrong side of the building, no worries! Follow it around the building to the other side.

If you have any other issues arriving at our shop, please call us at 667.212.1029.